Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Kanban Coaching Workshop UK Oct 17-19


I will be holding a Kanban Coaching Workshop in London, UK October 15th - 17th.

This workshop is sold out with a total of 8 participants.

Special Introductory Price $2,250. Sign up now!

This 3 day workshop is for experienced Agile coaches, existing Kanban practitioners, and those who have previously taken David J. Anderson's Kanban class. This workshop is intended to be an interactive collaborative session designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and learning. The class will be divided into approximately 10 sections with a slide presentation or tutorial from David to introduce each section. The goal is to enable participants to go back into the field and successfully coach Agile/Lean transitions using the Kanban approach. Each participant will received a personal recommendation from David J. Anderson as a result of participating in the class.

Location: Skills Matter Training Centre 1 Sekforde Street London EC1R 0BE