Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kanban Coaching Workshop London June 24-26


My second ever UK based open Kanban Coaching Workshop will take place in London, June 24-26, 2010. This event is limited to 12 participants in order to best facilitate learning and knowledge transfer.

These intensive 3 day workshops are intended to transfer the knowledge and skills to existing Agile, process and project management coaches and consultants. The focus is on advanced kanban systems design, systems thinking and leading a change management initiative. In the latest iteration of this workshop we work through the 2-day class teaching material and design a kanban system and change management program for a real situation. We discuss in detail the challenges and issues. Some attendees will be capable of delivering a 2-day class for their clients as an outcome. Others will be able to lead a change initiative and kanban system design within a client organization.

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This workshop is for experienced Agile or project management coaches, existing Kanban practitioners with 1 year of experience, and those who have previously taken David J. Anderson's Kanban class and are actively using Kanban at work. This workshop is intended to be an interactive collaborative session designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and learning. The workshop will open with a round table of introductions and shared Kanban experience. Each participant will be asked for a list of questions they'd like answered over the 3 day session and from this a topic backlog will be built. David will augment this backlog with essential topics and foundational material. The agenda for the remaining time will then be set to insure the fullest of coverage and the maximum value for all participants. The focus will be on shared experience and discussion of the hard questions that clients and team members ask coaches during the introduction of Lean ideas through the use of a kanban pull system. The goal is to enable participants to go back into the field and successfully coach Agile/Lean transitions using the Kanban approach. Every workshop is different because of the unique experiences of each participant and their specific focus and desired outcomes. Each participant will received a personal recommendation from David J. Anderson as a result of participating in the class.

Kanban offers agile and project management coaches another tool in their transformation and coaching toolbox. Kanban is proving to be a facilitator of evolutionary change with low resistance and an enabler of accelerated high levels of organizational maturity.

For more details download the PDF flyer.

Location: Being negotiated. [Will be in central London]
How to get there: Details to be announced.