Saturday, June 27, 2009

Daniel Vacanti


Daniel Vacanti specializes in the leading, mentoring, and coaching of teams in agile practices. He has a record of delivering customer valued results working with teams and companies of varying sizes. His emphasis is on the business-appropriate use of technology to help companies achieve their specific financial goals.

With over 12 years of experience as a software developer, designer, and architect for agile projects in the areas of Telecommunication and Transportation, Daniel has a wealth of technical and industry experience from which to draw. At SprintPCS, he helped introduce agile methodologies at the company's internet business unit, It was at Sprint that Daniel began his long term association with David Anderson. At Union Pacific Railroad, he led a team that migrated the company's transportation control system off of an antiquated mainframe architecture to a more modern and viable platform. He was later called back to Sprint where he worked closely with the director of the research and innovation department to design and to implement that organization's agile approach (the process was designed to shave months - if not years - off of Sprint’s normal product development lifecycle). Daniel then continued his collaboration with David at Motorola and at Corbis where they led agile teams that delivered industry leading productivity and quality.

Daniel studied Mathematics at the University of Nebraska where he later earned a Masters in Business Administration.